Welcome to TheHeadleyProject.com. The personal website for musician, artist, creative and family man, Jon Headley. Look around and get to know me. I’m know I’m weird but I think you can handle it. I like lots of things and do lots of things. And honestly, don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up. But we are getting there. :).

While I have had my own site for a while, this one is a start of something new. Investing heavily into the things that I love. Making the creative a priority and working on getting myself to where I want to be. So that means, more blogging and writing this year. More music creation. More attempts to get into the places I want to be career and life wise. So at this site, you will see the things that matter to me. Hopefully, things I have to say will on some level impact or matter to you on some level too.

Lastly, but not not really cause this statement actually drives everything else, I love and follow Jesus Christ. So how I see the world is formed by my perceptions of who Jesus is making me to be. I am not a Bible thumper so you won’t get that here, but hopefully what I say is covered by truth.