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Me… A Daddy?!?

So this has been the first thing I have wanted to blog about in quite some time. Most already know, but…


Holy Crap!!!

I can’t believe it. I’m so excited! Shalerie and I both are! We got the have our first ultrasound a few weeks ago and that pretty much solidified it. We got to hear little Baby Headley’s heartbeat and see him/her for the first time. Pretty Crazy.


Our kid is for sure a mover already. The nurse was having a hard time getting a solid measurement and reading cause he/she was moving around so much. It was so cool and so weird to see and hear. There is a full on alien growing in my wife’s belly!! Can’t wait to find out if it is a girl or a boy.

What do you guys think? Girl or Boy?

I am pretty sure I actually want a little girl in my heart. In my head I want a little boy though. Seems like the safer option to have a little boy first. Boys I know. Boys I can wrestle with and beat up and compete with and no problem. I feel like I could get at least a parenting basis under me before a little girl comes along and takes over my life. mikasfirsttoy

But I think it is going to be a girl. Jesus likes to throw little jokes my way and make me work. 🙂

Regardless, we have decided not to mess with the whole pink and blue thing. We are gonna go with neutral colors and concepts. So regardless of gender, Baby Headley will come into a green and brown world. We even got to go ahead and buy the first present for him/her. Our little monkey will have their own little monkey. Very fun to think about. And weird to go around shopping in baby stores and looking for baby stuff.

So point being. I am so freaking stoked to have a kid. Shal and I will be starting a new site here soon where we will both get to blog about it a bit. So this will probably be the last blog on this page. But this is for sure a good one to go out on. 🙂

shalfirstbabybumpp.s. Here is Shal at 13 weeks. She is beginning to get a little belly but not full on showing yet. Soon though.