In Short

So Jon is a just a normal guy. Musician, Artist, Designer and overall normal Creative Type. Worship Leader, Photographer, guy who does lots of different things. Maybe too many some might say. Husband to 1. Dad to 2. Son of the Most High God.


Music is one of my biggest passions in life. Been in many bands over the years. Some known around my area… some very much unknown. Called to be a worship leader and help people enter into Jesus’ presence in music.


I love writing. I think I am pretty decent at it. I write lots of music. Lots of blogs about random topics. And I have written a couple books as well. I actually will be self releasing a couple soon so keep an eye on the website for an announcement and store items.

Creative Type

So while music and writing find a lot of my time, I am into lots of different things. Graduated with a degree in Media Communications from Asbury University so I do lots of video and graphic design and web design and the like. Big into photography for several years. I guess one would call me a Jack of All Trades. Anything fun creatively that I can do, I probably will. Next project, designing and creating a custom kitchen island counter top from scratch.


I have a beautiful wife, Shalerie. We’ve been married for going on 3 years. She’s pretty awesome. 🙂 Read THIS BLOG for a deeper picture of how I feel about her. 🙂


So I have 2 kids. My daughter is Mikayla Dee. Pictures of her all over my social media. And my son is Gavin Garnett. I can’t believe I have 2 amazing kids. Both are gonna be heartbreakers. You watch.


Yes I am the son of 2 great parents but that is not the point here. I am a beloved son of the Most High God. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on September 29, 2007. It has changed everything. Believe what He says about me has changed my entire life trajectory and I will never be the same. I do what I do in life because Jesus has called me and that’s enough for me.