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Announcements and Peace

So unlike my normal way of doing things, there are some big announcements for the Headley family and I haven’t tweeted about most of it really. Or posted anything on Facebook. Haven’t even told a ton of people. Not that we have been keeping things a secret. It’s more that there has been a simple peace about it all so the need to shout everything from the rooftops hasn’t been there. So I am going to write said announcements here and with each will give some explanation of the peace about it.

Announcement 1 – We’re Having a Second Kid

So we found out a little while back that we will be having a second kid. Baby Headley #2 will be arriving on or around May 24th. Part of the peace in this one comes from the fact that this child was far more planned than Ms. Mikayla was. We were starting to think about it and decided to try. Now granted, it happened far faster than I thought it would. Turns out we are pretty fertile people. But nonetheless, Mika will be having a little brother or sister. We don’t find out boy or girl till January but I am obviously praying boy.

Shal is doing well. Still pretty nauseous but getting close to being done with the first trimester. And our due date of May 24th leads to…

Announcement 2 – We’re Moving to Cincinnati

Quest Community Church is starting a campus in Cincinnati and we have felt called to go and to be a part of it. We’re super excited about it and it’s such a settled thing in our hearts that we haven’t just screamed it out. Back in January when we first thought we were gonna be a part of it, we let excitement and new things and such lead the way instead of Jesus’ call. So we were kind of vocal about it. Well then we had to pull it off the table for numerous reasons which made our blustering earlier in the year just that… blustering.

When it was announced this fall that there was movement and a launch team existed and was growing and all that, Shal and I chose to stick with our pulling it off the table and let Jesus reveal to us whether He had that in store for us. So when He made it clear to us at Leadership Advance, it was just as settled deal. It wasn’t flashy or for show. It wasn’t our own choice or some boast for our own sake. It was a real thing that we felt a full call to and that we could freely say yes and step forward.

So that’s been a much quieter yes that we have just been able to step in and make action happen and move forward. Here is why our due date lead into this announcement. The plan for the launch team is to be all moved up to Cincy on June 1st. Yes that is 1 week after our due date. Yes it will be an interesting time period and how we do that right. But it will all work out very well I am sure. And this of course leads to…

Announcement 3 – We Are Buying a House in Cincy

housepic We have been looking to buy a house for a little while. We did look in Lexington for a bit, then the clear call to Cincy came. So we started looking there. Now I know it seems that it might be a little early since we aren’t supposed to move until June. But there is a reason for it. We have been looking for fixer uppers. Something we can put some work into and make our own. Well that takes some time. And I would prefer to have the house done before baby#2 shows up.

So we are in the process of purchasing right now. We found our house and just had the inspection done on Wednesday. We also got some contractors to come and big on fixing some of the more basic needs it has like a new roof and such. We should hopefully close by the begin of January but it is possible we will be able to before Christmas. Then the work of fixing it up will begin.

I’ll be honest, I am super stoked to get to unleash my inner interior designer for a while. New kitchen, installing floors, fixing up the back yard and so on. Gonna be a blast.

So there it is. Those are the big 3 that are on the table for us. Should be a ton of fun all the way around.

Oh. We are also moving in with my parents for a few months starting around Christmas. Will save us paying a mortgage and rent while we are fixing up the house. I guess that is kind of a 4th piece of news. But yeah, the next few months and beyond are gonna be awesome. 🙂