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Doc McStuffins – Words to Live By

So as the dad of an almost 3 year old little girl. I watch a lot of random kid shows. Being the dad of a little mixed girl, we love Doc McStuffins. My daughter has several Doc toys and went as her for halloween. Actually, our little family resembles the McStuffins in a lot of ways. Mom is a Doctor (Shal a nurse), Dad stays home with the kids (duh…) older sister with a little brother. My daughter doesn’t actually talk to her toys but she might as well be. Her imaginations is crazy.

Anyway, you may be asking yourself why I am writing about a children’s show on the Disney channel. It turns out that lots of the lessons they teach on the show are actually great. And there is one little song in particular that has been in my head for the last couple weeks. Enjoy then I will continue…

Now, if you remember my last blog, I was talking about getting back to the things that have always held a high level of importance to me. Doing what I love as it were. Well for those that don’t know, after 4 years of searching, I finally start a new job on April 20th. I am super excited about it. And this job is proof that I am on the right path with what I have been writing about. How’s that you ask?

Well as you know from my last blog, Music was #2 of 2 on the list of passions in my life. So I was taking steps to make that a prevalent thing in my life. Not just a side note. Any music related avenue is what I was looking for. On Monday the 20th I start a job as a Production Assistant for a large production company. I will be aiding in the crafting and production of concerts and events. My life will be circled around gear and instruments and tech for concerts. I have no idea why I never looked into this sort of thing.

Graphic design and such was just stuff I did. I’ve never loved it. I’m good at it and other pieces of things but I have never loved it. All jobs I had been applying for fell into that kind of category. And that’s all they would have ever been. A job to make a couple bucks and get me out of the house. I never wanted any job I applied for. Probably showed in how I applied for them and my level of commitment to the process of following up and such.

Then I hear about this job a few days before writing that last blog. I applied on a Thursday with my resume and such. 2 hours later I have a response offering for me to come in anytime the following week to interview. By Friday Morning I have a landed interview. Monday I write Who Am I? Tuesday I have the interview that goes fantastic. I even meet the owner and everyone seems really interested. I leave expecting I will hear back in a week or so about maybe a second interview. Wednesday morning, I wake up and find in my email inbox an offer letter for a job! Friday I have accepted and landed my start date. In 1 weeks time, I applied for and was offered and accepted a job.

In the 4 years I have been searching for a job, do you want to know how many interviews I have had for something I am supremely qualified to do and never wanted to do? 2. 2 real interviews in 4 years of probably 500 job applications or more. Then in one week of clarity I land a job I am pretty sure I will full on love! This is evidence of 2 things to me:

1. Jesus knows me super well and knows what I want and need even when I don’t. His timing and gift giving ability is bar none even if it doesn’t look the way I thought it would. I’m blown away by Him and wish I had been listening a little closer to Him over the last couple years than the voices of those around me and myself.

2. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND YOU’LL LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!! Follow your passions people. Don’t just settle for what’s there or what’s easy! Risk on what you love. I have spent too many years playing the good boy and just following what I thought I “should” be doing and it’s landed me pretty much no where.

And I am learning something new in this very moment. I stopped risking on things after the Talent Attach debacle. I stepped out of a decent job to go for something very risky and in the end that bombed royally and there was huge fallout for myself and many others there. And I stopped speaking up for what I believed to be true in church land cause it always led back to somehow I was the problem. Which was not true but I let it be.

This job I am about to step into is a huge risk in a lot of ways. While I know lots about this stuff, I am putting myself into a massive position to fail and not be very good at this. I think I will be but it is still yet to be seen. And the job could actually really suck. I could have to travel and be away too much. I could hate the “industry”. There are so many variables. And I could end up loving this and doing it for the long haul. I have no clue. Every other job I have applied for had 0 risk. I could for sure go in, do the job well, leave for the day and not think about it till the next day. The only risk was that I would be bored with my life. I’m so excited for this next chapter I can’t even stand it. And I have no idea what it will read like at all.

So to quote Doc, Stuffy, Lamby, Chili and Florence Nightingale… Do what you love and you’ll love what you do. I’m ready to be a part of that.

More to come!