Posted on / by Jon

Missing Out

So I’ve been feeling a bit more anxious this week than I have in a while. More like I need to be doing something. Like I really want to be doing something. Now, I am for sure still looking for a job. So if any of you know of any available positions in marketing, graphic design, or video please let me know. But that is not the point of this blog.

I miss playing music. My own music that is. I mean I love leading worship and playing at church, but I miss going to shows and writing my own music, and having my own group that gets to play together all the time. I miss practicing and writing with a group.

I’m not fully sure how to solve this particular issue. Everyone is so busy all the time. Everyday is overly packed with something almost all the time. I am doing some writing on my own. Or at least trying to. Hard to be motivated to an extent. But I suppose if anything were to ever be able to come together, it would be good to have some stuff in the works.