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Moving On

Okay so the news is out now. The Quest Cincinnati campus closes in 2 weeks. I have several thoughts on all of that.  But I will try to keep this brief.

  1. It sucks. There is no way around that point. While I agree with the decision, it does not change that I poured a lot into this and fought for it and it was not to be. I trust Jesus and what He has for us next. But it sucks. But honestly, it may suck less than the way my hands were tied. Being in the position I was for the campus, being stunted and unable to advance was depressing and challenging at best. While Jesus did a lot with what little we had, it was time to call it.
  2. The weirdest part about this whole thing is after 8 years and what I thought would be much longer, to say I will no longer be a member of Quest Community Church is a hard pill to swallow. This was something that I dedicated a good portion of my life to. While I followed Jesus to Cincinnati, the initial call was as part of this church. I fought and sacrificed for this particular outpost of the bride for a long time. So even though I knew we were headed this direction, the officiality of it added a level of sadness I was unprepared for. But I would much rather Quest as a whole get back to health than to have the whole thing continue to struggle because I selfishly wanted my part of it to hang on. Time to get healthy on all fronts Quest. I want to see that happen.
  3. Monday was also the day that one of my best friends just got a little more out of reach. Anyerin Drury moving back to Australia is a sad and painful reality. And as we said to each other the day he was leaving, its a friendship that will span an ocean. None of us expected any of this 2 years ago but Jesus knew all along and He’s got us. Anyerin, I love you my friend. We’ll get over to your half of the world for a visit one day.
  4. On another note, I am saddened and disappointed that some of the people who I thought would contact me after such a huge announcement, haven’t at all. This is a pretty big deal so the silence from people has added to the frustration of this whole mess. I’ll leave that at that. Thanks to those who have. Every little message has made us not feel alone.
  5. In the end, my family and I will be fine. I know Jesus has us and knows what’s next for us. I will take a much earned and needed break from “ministry”. Shal and I will find a great church up here to attend and will take some time to heal and grow even more than we have. I don’t have really any clue what is next. In the end, I feel more called to being in full time ministry than ever. So I’ll slow down for a bit and then re-ask Jesus that question in a little while and see what He has in mind there. As for now, I am gonna write some music. Record my own record and have some fun with my family.
  6. Lastly, Christmas is around the corner. Many of you know, I have not always loved this holiday as it has regularly brought unfortunate circumstances to my life. This year, I am hopeful for different. The space and air to breathe will be nice. I also get to look forward to the fact that I do not have to play Christmas music. No guitarist had any interest in all those freaking chords. I am happy to pass on that this year. 🙂

On to a new season. Whatever that might bring.