I’ve always liked gear. But I have gotten even more nerdy about it in the last few years. I’m in the midst of reworking my pedal board, trying new things and organizing everything.

I am also intent on working on my personal tone. That involves trying new pedals, organizing a good chain and working on my hands. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Gear is the only thing I really geek out about, so I am looking forward to diving into geekdom.

Squier-Telecaster This guitar is my baby. It is a cheap Squier Telecaster. Black on Black. Florida hardcore style. I have had this guitar for going on 15 years. It plays great and has never given me any real problems. You know how you sometimes get lucky with cheaper guitars and they just show up perfect. That is this guitar. I love telecasters and will never get rid of this guitar. Even if I get a nicer one.

Ibanez-AGR73TThis is my Ibanez AGR-73T. I was originally going to buy a big Gretsch hollow body,  but then I found this. I call her Delores. She plays great. Especially after I switched out the pickups. The original ones were a little too separated. The neck pickup was super dark and the bridge was very bright and brittle. I ended up finding gold filtertrons. A much better sound for sure.


This is the Fender Blues Deluxe. I really love this amp. Just got it about a year ago. I wanted something that I could be versatile with. Between playing worship and playing some heavier stuff, I needed something that could take pedals well and all that. This is a 40 watt head with a single 12″. It currently is a Fender speaker, but will probably switch it out in the next few months. I got pretty lucky. I got this amp for like $375 and over the last couple months they have shot up in price and cost over $750 now. Pretty stoked about it.

Because it is a bit higher wattage, it doesn’t break up as quickly as say an AC15 or something like that. It also has a pretty great distortion channel and a really clean reverb tank. I don’t currently use either of these but they are really well done.


My pedal board is evolving quite a bit these days as I get into more of my gear obsession. Keep in mind that I am not the type to spend ridiculous amounts of money on anything. I have a family and all that, so spending $500 on a single pedal is probably never going to be on the docket. So I like to find great pieces at a great price. I am also really willing to try things that I don’t know much about.

I actually have 2 board. My big Pedaltrain PT-Pro and a smaller one that was given to me. I plan to have a little traveling board. But my main board is set up on the PT-Pro.

MXR-DynaComp Fender-VolumePedal

My signal starts by going into my MXR Dyna Comp. (Actually it will start with a Line 6 G30 Wireless once I buy it.) This is always on to give a little extra push into the signal right from the start. Also my Telecaster runs pretty hot so the compressor evens things out between my guitars. After that, I head into my volume pedal. It’s a Fender volume that my little brother got for me for my birthday. You may be thinking to yourself “man that thing is a tank”. And it is. But it is really nice. The volume pot works  from top to bottom and is very smooth. I have used those Ernie Ball Junior things and they have a short pot. It starts late in the movement and ends before your foot is full up. This one is smooth all the way through and I love it.

My tuner runs out of the external port on the volume pedal. So I just drop my volume and tune.


This Joyo PXL-Pro Looper is a pretty new piece to my setup. So I haven’t gotten to use it a ton yet. But I think I really like it. As I have generally been a lead singer or a worship leader, pedal dancing gets really old. This is a nice digital unit that lets me program in whatever pedals that I want into banks together.

Each individual pedal is it’s own loop so signal degradation through lots of pedals is a relative thing of the past. It also has 2 bigger loops that allow me to send my delays and such to the Preamp and back. It even has trigger points that would allow me to include the amp distortion and amp reverb into the banks I create.


Ibanez-TS9TubeScreamer WayHuge-GreenRhino

My first set of pedals in the looper are my overdrive section. You may be wondering why I have so many pedals that are so similar in what they do. (I also have a Boss Blues Driver.) Well there is a method to my madness. I realized about 4 or 5 years that I do not like “distortion” pedals. Yes I used to play metal and heavier stuff, and still do. But most pedals that are sold as distortion always felt to fizzy and over the top to me. I like overdrive pedals. And I like stacking overdrives for a thicker sound. I feel it gets a cleaner thicker sound without all the fizz in my opinion.

So I have a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 which serves kind of like a signal boost. Puts just enough push into the tubes to get the amp to naturally overdrive a bit. The Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer is my main over drive. The Way Huge Green Rhino is the probably the most high gain but it is really warm and nice which I like. When I want something heavier, I can layer them in different configurations. I feel like I have a lot of options and gain stages this way. Versatility.


Line6-EchoPark ElectroHarmonix-HolyGrailNanoT1M-EventideAuxSwitch

My section that will go into the preamp includes 2 delay pedals and a reverb. (Yes I have a reverb pedals even though I have reverb on the amp.)

I just added the Eventide Timefactor to my arsenal. I have been using the Boss DD-20 for years but decided to upgrade just a couple weeks ago. I got it with the This1isMyne Eventide Aux Switch for $285 which was awesome. This delay will be used for my very distinct delays. When I need really specific triplets and all that.

The Line 6 Echo Park I like a lot. It is also pretty versatile, but the single pedal setup without the auxillary pedal option creates too much pedal dancing as a main delay. I use this more as filler effect. There have been numerous times leading worship when I either have not had a keyboard player or have been the only electric guitarists. I wanted something to help create ambiance. So it is set really loose to add space to my playing.

Last in the chain the Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano. I also have a Digitech DigiVerb. I just got the Holy Grail given to me not too long ago, so it hasn’t gotten much playing time yet.