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On To The Next

So for the last 3-4 months, Shal and I have been in a interesting process. One that was unexpected and has taken several different paths and twist and turns. It’s been exciting and tiring all at the same time. Invigorating and frustrating.

But let’s back up to the start. It started with contentment. A word I have not been familiar with for a long while. If ever. I had reached that word. While my job has major issues, I was good. Shal and I were doing great in our marriage. We were about to get the kids into a much better daycare which has been a very fruitful switch. Shal enjoyed her job. And I had just auditioned to potentially join the worship team at a church we liked.

Enter a shake up. An acquaintance of mine, knowing what I had gone through with Quest, reaches out and ask me to apply for the worship and creative director position opening at his church. All of a sudden, my calling and desire was on the table. So the process began. And more.

To keep this short a door was opened. Shal and I started looking at what and where Jesus would have us go. So what was one request became an online resume and 5 churches on the table for a while. Quick note. I am extremely unfamiliar with feeling wanted in my life. The end of my time with Quest only fueled that feeling of unwanted. But that’s a different subject. So to all of a sudden have so much interest in me as a leader and worshipper was both unintuitive and nice.

So in this process it boiled down to 2. The first which would mean a move to Columbus and another that would mean a move to North Carolina. And after lots of prayer and conversation with Shal we waited to hear from NC.

And right here is where I trust Jesus for His lead and that He knows better than me. I didn’t get the offer from NC. But my incredibly talented wife get an offer we couldn’t pass up to join the staff at Duke University Hospital. So this whole thing started with thinking to follow my calling. And while that is not off the table, as of the end of June, my family is moving to Raleigh for Shal’s job. It’s not the path we thought we were on but it feels like the one Jesus planned.

I still believe Jesus will fulfill the ministry calling. His plan isn’t done. I don’t know what is in store for me personally out there. But I know I trust Him to show me. I do know I will be 2 hours from the beach and plan to go regularly.

So if you consider us, now or once, close friends I have 2 suggestions.
1. If you want to see us before we go, let us know. If you don’t, no sweat. Just an offer.
2. Remember that you have free vacation lodging if you don’t mind a couple hours to the water.
So it’s on to a very new and unexpected chapter in the life of the Headleys. See ya on social media.