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September With A Bang!

So the first day of September was one of the more beautiful, interesting whirl wind days I have had in quite some time. I would like to share my days schedule with those of you interested in reading it.

7:30 am – I arrive at church to get ready for the mornings services. Christine Caine was already phenomenal Saturday night so I’m stoked for the next 2.
10:55ish am – watch probably 30 or so people stream to the front to give their lives to Christ.
1ish pm – probably another 60 people or more give their hearts to Jesus. Freaking amazing!!

Here is where the whirl wind begins

1:15 – clear all the gear I have off stage and out of green room so stage team can clear the stage and get ready for the nights concert.
1:40 – running circles to get my photography team ready for qpza
2:10 – over at Meijer buying sd cards for photo team
2:30 – back at church finalizing
3:10 – at home long enough to eat a little bit, and grab some non sweaty clothes and run out the door
3:40 – driving to Georgetown to sing at a wedding
4:30 – helping the DJ (who doesn’t know what a di box is) set up for the outside ceremony
5:15 – cussed out by a couple who thought they deserved some special treatment. Me I was just following the request of the ceremony locations grounds keeper.
5:00-5:45 – having a great conversation (with brief rudeness from wedding “attenders”) about life stuff and church and what it means to let Jesus define your self worth and not your circumstances and what he says about us is true.
5:45 – change my clothes next to my car as people start to arrive for wedding.
6:30 – ceremony starts. Proceed to listen to pastor kens microphone popping and the DJ continuing to cut his volume every time it happens
6:45 – go to sing first song I was asked to do only to be stung by a bee right in my forearm right when I’m supposed to start. (Stinger probably still in my arm.) Sing true believers by Darius Rucker. The rude couple shoots me dirty looks out of the corner of their eyes the whole time. (Focus on the beautiful couple mean people instead of being so angry.)
7:00 -We make it through the ceremony. I pack up all the stuff that had been sent from quest Frankfort to make sure that pastor ken and the couple were set up as best we could sound wise to compensate for “not knowing what a di box is!!!”
7:30 – begin the drive back to lexington. Hoping to get to go home briefly, only to have to go straight back to church. Cowboy boots, tie and all.
8:00 – begin the 6 hour process of connecting with photographers, coordinating as qpza concert is still running and going through nearly 10,000 images by the time everything is done. I do however get to watch the concert from our tv screen in the photo team office.
10:30 – watch as droves more people give their lives to Christ at the concert and see some beautiful images of hands raised and bibles being distributed.
2:00 am – images sorted, favorite sent to web team for site turnover
2:30am – finally driving home
3:00am – finally climbing into bed.
6:25am – woken by screaming daughter. Get up to the sad realization that Shal has to go to work for a few hours for a class. (I had forgotten.) This means that I will have to get up with mika again later and sleeping in is out of the question.
8:40am -awake with the sun and my daughter.

So that was my 25 hour run on September 1. Awesome stuff. Weird stuff. Fun stuff. I have the bug bite and the headache to prove it. :). Don’t think I would have skipped any. (Minus the rude wedding “attenders”)

The sanctified part of me hopes those people find Jesus and some humility. The still in process part of me hopes I see them again and they want to keep jawing at me so I can rebuttal. But hey, I’m in a beautiful process with Jesus and am growing. I stand firm on His foundation. In the end it is proof of my growth with him that I didn’t retaliate right in the moment. I’ve been known in the past to be able to spit some choice words myself.

But the day was not tainted by that. A minor blip in the beauty of so many people seeing Jesus for who he really is and running to Him. I can’t wait to find out how many it really was.

And this coming weekend is Fall Kickoff!!! Let’s rock!!