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So It Ends

So I just finished a pretty important season in my life. For the last year, I was the worship leader at quest community church Frankfort campus. It was a hard and super fruitful year that I will always cherish. I learned so much about myself and grew immensely. I watched a campus before my eyes grow in what it means to worship Jesus. I got to be a part of something really special.

So in the wake of my last official weekend out there, I have some thank yous to put out there.

Niki Ferguson, soon to be Rousey. ;). I think we got to do something great together. I know we didn’t always agree but we both were fighting for a campus that needed people fighting for it. Thanks for letting me lead and push back and give input. I think we both grew through this last year and I’m super pumped for you as you step into being on staff there.

Pastor Ken Land. Man I’m gonna miss running alongside you and being out there with you. I really feel like we just had this gel from day 1 where we just knew together what the Holy Spirit was calling in moments. It was an honor to serve beside you. It is an honor to call you a brother. You and Jess both are special people to me. Here’s hoping we find a way to spend time together even as I am no longer regularly out there.

Garrett Mantor, you may have had my back and been in my corner more than anyone. You becoming an owner out there changed everything. If you didn’t know an answer, you found it. If you wanted something done, you found a way to get it done. Thanks for busting my chops, asking how my heart was and just overall being a great friend to do this with.

T Rousey. Man I feel like we are often one in the same. Thanks for pouring out a heart devoted to Jesus and whatever he has for you. You’ve got a long time friend in me. I think even though I won’t be out in Frankfort all the time anymore, you and I will be in some way doing life together for a long time.

To my leaders. Pastor Pete Hise and Sharon Clements. Thanks for believing in me for this spot. Thanks for entrusting me with the worship of this small campus. It was a transformational year and I was honored to do it. I am so excited for what is next even if I don’t know what it is.

Anyerin Drury you get your own thanks. Thanks for loving me and believing in me through this entire year. Thanks for letting me partner with you and be your eyes and ears for the Frankfort campus. Thanks for leading me and helping me grow and being a transformational force in my life over this last year. In the great stuff and in the hard stuff. I believe in and trust you more than ever. Thanks my friend!

Lastly, to all the members of my band over the last year. You guys are what truly made this whole thing worthwhile. I watched all of you grow and change and let Jesus change your hearts for worship as well as for doing whatever He calls of you. You guys were truly a joy to lead. Follow Linwick great as he gets to continue and take this higher than I ever could. Let your hearts continue to grow for serving Jesus. You guys are making a huge difference in the kingdom and it’s advancement in Frankfort, KY.

I’m gonna miss this campus but I am so excited for what Jesus has next for me and my family. A crazy year and the ones in front are gonna be even crazier.