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Welcome to North Carolina

So I have been planning on writing something for quite a while and haven’t. I still don’t really know what to write quite yet but I am going to go ahead and get started. I just re-read a draft of a blog that I wrote back in December before the end of things with Quest. It’s long and direct and I never convinced myself to post it. Still probably won’t. But I’m not sure. Don’t think it is worth people reading anymore.

But anyway, things are very different now and also nothing has changed. You  would think that a major move to a new state would be much more full of change than it has been. But things aren’t really that different. I’ll do my best to explain.

So we have been here for a month now. We are in our new apartment and getting used to the area. We have done a lot of driving around and trying to determine where we officially will want to live in the area. I love house hunting and all that process so it is fun for me. I spend a lot of time on Zillow and checking out things. I have a lot of time on my hands as I am without a job again at the moment. But I knew that would be the case for a little bit. I expected it would be at least 2 months as I searched. So I am still good.

But being at home with the kids all day is on the boring side. For me and for them. I think Mika especially misses the stimulation of being around other kids regularly and doing real school work. I am trying to implement so school lessons for her every day. We just started her in a gymnastics class once a week which I think will help. And both Mika and Gavin love going to the new kids area at the church we have been attending. Gavin is a pretty typical boy. As long as he has blocks and swords and stuff, he is fine. He is for sure in the terrible 2s phase. But even that I am sure is way tamer than most kids going through this. He is just defiant and wants to do everything himself. He’s still a really good kid.

Personally, it doesn’t really feel like that much has changed for me. I have been in this “stay at home with kids” phase before. Thankfully, I am over all a much more sane person now than I was before. But I did get used to being at a job and seeing colleagues and such all the time. So I am missing that. Missing regular adult interaction. And while I very much love my wife, she can often forget that I am home alone with the kids all day. So listening to her talk about her new job for an hour every night is not exactly helpful. Glad she is enjoying it but I would like to be having my own experiences. I believe they are coming though. Which I will speak to now.

There are a couple opportunities on the table for me that I am hopeful to hear about soon. Turns out we started watching a church online before we moved that we decided to start attending and get involved in. Before leaving, I decided to send my resume to the worship director just so I could make an introduction. Ended up having a phone interview the day after I sent it. And had a face to face interview the week we got here. They have 2 worship leader positions available for 2 of their campuses . I’ve gotten to play a weekend on the team, visit the 2 campuses that I might be at one, and meet a lot of the team. There are a couple pieces of the interview process left and I am hopeful for what Jesus would have there. I’d get to step into what I really feel called to do in ministry. I kind of wish it was kosher to have some people who would be good references for me to call them on my behalf. But I don’t think it works that way. Not sure how to explain the amount of church and team leadership I have done and that I was basically volunteer staff for the last several years. I’ll just be patient. If Jesus has it for me than it will work out.

But on the church for a minute. We love it. It feels really good to be back in a thriving community. There are obvious similarities to what we left and some pretty big differences that are big plusses. 2 things stick out as big. 1. The volunteer culture. There is a huge bend to balance and family. Volunteers are encouraged to really only serve once a month. Twice at most. They even cancelled worship practice because there was an event earlier in the week that people had to be at and they didn’t want to take another night from their volunteers. And everyone was trusted to come in prepared Sunday morning for practice and be ready. And they were. Pretty awesome to see the balance thing in action.

Secondly, this church is super diverse. We have visited 3 of the campuses and they all have a great diversity to them. Lots of different colors of people. Also diversity in worship. Along with great Hillsong style worship there have been great gospel moments and some southern gospel and lots. It’s very cool to see. And Pastor Benji fights for this in the church and outside the church. It’s very cool to see it not only in word but in practice as well.

The other job opportunity I have is a recording studio in town that also does church tech installations. They are looking for a potential part time marketing person. I got to talk to their owner briefly last week. He was the audio tech at church the weekend I was playing. Hoping to hear back from him soon and get an official interview. Would love being in that type of environment as well. And If the worship position is part time, I could do both.

Anyway, we are enjoying our time out here. It’s just a different city. It’s got different stuff and looks different but still a lot of the same. Trying to make new friends and get to know people. Trying to find work. It’s the same as moving to Cincy was. Except this time the beach is within easy driving distance. We have only been once thus far but I am pretty sure we are going back this weekend. Gonna try to convince my dad he needs to buy a vacation house out in Wilmington. We will take care of it for him and will use it ourselves every other weekend. :). I’ll see how that goes over.

A month in and we really like it out here thus far. Pray for my job prospects please. I would like to land something this month. Also pray for our house to sell in Cincy. We had some stuff fall through there and are working with someone to get it sold. Hopefully will be a done deal in a couple weeks. Once that happens and I get a job, we can move on getting our new house out here.

If you have tried to call or text me and haven’t gotten through, it’s cause I got a new cell phone number and just didn’t get it to everyone. You can email me and I will send you the new number if you need it. If you didn’t have my number before, it’s unlikely I will give you the new one. ;).

Also, keep on the lookout for some new stuff from me. I am trying to use my free time wisely. I’ve started playing my guitar at least an hour a day so I can get better. Basically sit and run scales for an hour. Tedious stuff it takes to become a really good guitar player that I have never done before. I am also writing new music which I have been working on. And working on a couple books which I hope to self publish early next year. Investing in some things I love doing.

That is all!