Posted on / by Jon


I real can’t believe the life I am getting to be a part of these days. I am loving it. It was such a fantastic week last week. I am blessed to be doing what I get to do.

I will be honest though, it is a little on the difficult side still be jobless. We are 16 weeks away from having little Mika in our arms. It’s pretty crazy. And not having a job still makes me pretty antsy a lot of the time. But I trust Jesus. He really does have things under control.
Being jobless also means I get to put a lot of my efforts to other things. I get to spend a good deal of my time investing in my church, Quest Community, which I love. I full on love my church. And I get to be a part of some pretty amazing things. Like this one.

So yeah. I need a job or some massive freelance work coming in, but I am trusting that Jesus has it in control.